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Via Flaminia "militare"        Segment 4        from km 73,3 to km 94,3

Brento (Brintum) - Bologna (Bononia)

This segment always develops in altitude in the Apennines with alignment Fiesole-Bologna and follows the watershed crest of the Savena torrent and the river Reno bypassing mount Adone and many treacherous badlands (*).

After Brento we can follow a trail studied by Prof. Alvisi (**) running through a forest to the modern road.

Hence there is no more trace of the Via Flaminia "militare" and we can only guess that the current road can be superimposed on the old Roman path.

Near Bologna, before descending rapidly, we can enjoy open views as the road is particularly steep.


(*) See badlands in glossary

(**) Professor Carlo Alvisi, professor of Neurosurgery at Bologna University and an expert rambler, has crossed the Apennines on foot from Bologna to Fiesole on numerous occasions, following where possible the Roman route.