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Via Flaminia "militare"        Segment 1        from km 0 to km 19,8

Fiesole - Trebbio


In this description of the Via Flaminia "militare" we plan to travel together only the crossing of the Apennines from Fiesole to Bologna.

An additional study (**) by the two researchers- Cesare Agostini and Franco Santi - suggests a path connecting Fiesole and the oldest Via Cassia in the area of Castel Sofia in the municipality of Pelago.

We follow the current road from Fiesole to Bivigliano via Montereggi, Torre di Buiano leaving on the right the crossroad for Monte Senario.(*)

This trunk of modern road is mentioned in the historical record as an ancient way of crossing the territory north of Fiesole.

Its route follows gently the sinuous terrain rising regularly for about ten kilometers. Probably the road may have been built on the old Roman path that we find as hiking trail in Vetta Le Croci (where there is now an artificial reservoir).

From Vetta Le Croci, follow a path slightly uphill through the farm Capanne till you reach the road to Bivigliano. A boundary dated 1234 recalls the passage of 7 noble florentine founders of Convent of Monte Senario.

The Roman road continues through the fields, towards the Church of San Romolo a Bivigliano.

Here it becomes a path towards Casale Altare near Badia Buon Sollazzo and then goes down to the stream Carza and crosses Tagliaferro. Along this route there are evident signs of an ancient furnace and in the fields of Casale Briano, near a rows trees, remains of stone-clint probabily the Via Flaminia "militare".

Passed stream Carza you can follow the path on rural roads, where a sequence of stone-flint are discovered, before to joint the Castle of Trebbio by local road.


(*) The convent of Monte Senario is well worth a visit.

(**) See A01 - La strada Flaminia Militare del 187 a.C. - Nuove ricerche e rinvenimenti in Road bibliography