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Via Appia variant 1        Segment 44        from km 90,0 to km 105,4

Terracina (Tarracina) - Fondi (Fundi) from South [from North]


This segment develops through three alternative itineraries:

1) the first one from North is a "door to door" crossing of the ancient town of Terracina (Tarracina).

2) the second one from North bypasses the entrance and exit doors and goes round the town.

3) the third from South was built by emperor Trajan (AD 98-117) in AD 110 in alternative (variant 1) to the original track.

The third itinerary, planned to bypass the Lautulae col, starts from the harbour without entering the town and cuts the "Pisco Montano" Rock, the drop that overlooks the sea.

The wall that is still visible bears 12 inscriptions, one each 10 foot (2,96 m) (*) indicating the progressive measurement of the cut of the wall from the top (2,96 m to 35,6 m).

This imposing work wanted by Trajan witnesses the extraordinary capacity of the Ancient Romans in terms of building construction.

Then we can see a semicircular building with a seat that we find at the confluence of the itineraries from North and from South was probably meant to allow passers-by admiring such magnitude .


(*) See roman foot in glossary