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Via Appia        Segment 43        from km 549,1 to km 569,8

Masseria Muro (Scamnum) - Brindisi (Brundisium)

The statio Scamnum is probably located in the area surrounded by a messapic fortification called "Il Paretone"(*) near Masserizia Muro.

Via Appia runs along its walls in a pedestrian track inside a beautiful olive tree forest heading straight towards Mesagne.

From there the antique road is covered by the SS7 - modern via Appia, to Brindisi (Brundisium)(*).

Only and symbolic historical vestige of via Appia is the triumphal "terminal" expressed with a monumental and spectacular view of two marble 19 m high columns, positioned on a stand in front of the sea, like a light house towards East.

Together with the extraordinary "Settidozio" positioned in Porta Capena (Roma) as "ouverture", the columns date back to the era of emperor Septimius Severus (AD 193-211) as testimony of the works on via Appia and its Trajan alternative route.

Only one has survived over the centuries. The other column, that collapsed after an earthquake, is now conserved in Lecce and supports the statue of Sant'Oronzo.


(*) Brindisi (Brundisium) is worth a visit