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Via Appia        Segment 39        from km 481 to km 504,7

Palagiano (Ad Canales) - Taranto (Tarentum)


This section is poor in historical marks and may be identified in the secondary road which from Palagiano (Ad Canales) leads to the modern Via Appia near the railway station of Bellavista.

The itinerary only offers tow certified land marks: the crossing upstream the source of the Tara river and the ruins of a bridge on the gravina Gennarini close to the Masseria Gennarini.

Close after the bridge two itineraries can be fancied:

- the older one – inland – which joins Taranto (*) called the Municipium Tarentinum;

- the alternative choice – external – through the North of the Small Sea, shortening the journey to Brindisi (Brundisium).

It is hard today to identify the parting point between the section which crosses Taranto (Tarentum) and that which goes around the town because of the alterations of the territory (steel plant, new railway, new roads).


(*) Taranto (Tarentum) is well worth a visit