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Via Appia        Segment 32        from km 330,0 to km 365,6

Santa Venere Bridge (Pons Aufidi) - Venosa (Venusia)


The statio Pons Aufidi, little of which remains nowadays, was positioned at one of the bridgeheads.

The original site in that area has been altered in time in virtue of the presence of one medieval and one railway bridge.

As there are no traces left on the way towards Venosa (Venusia) , it is assumed that the itinerary followed the crest of the hills east of Melfi (*), on the basis of the presence of the antique chapel of Madonna di Macera.

This is where the magnificent sarcophagus of Rapolla, currently kept at the museum of Melfi, was found.

Unfortunately, no bridges nor road works have been identified in that particular stretch of road.

The only visible remains (see G02 - Galliazzo n.209) are two piers of a bridge common to via Herculia. near Venosa (Venusia).


(*) Melfi is worth a visit.