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Via Appia        Segment 28        from km 259,0 to km 266,4

Ponte Rotto (Ad Calorem) - Mirabella Pass (Aeclanum)


The "Ponte Rotto" bridge over the river Calore was certainly a challenging piece of work, in virtue of the large number of arches built to cross the not only the river but also the valley.

The first bridge was built during the Trajan era (see G02 - Galliazzo n.216) but was destroyed probably by an overflowing. The second bridge was built nearby (see G02 - Galliazzo n.217) and an arch and many peers are still visibile.

Probably this bridge is the last visible vestige of Roman works on the territory long the most ancient itinerary of via Appia that goes from Benevento to Brindisi (Brundisium).

It is said that the Benevento-Brindisi part of via Appia, which was completed in 191 BC was costless to Roman builders as they probably re-used pre-existing stretches of local roads!

A second badly preserved bridge, probably dating back to the medieval ages, can be seen next to Ponte Rotto (Ad Calorem).

Once the valley has been crossed, the via Appia becomes clearly visible for quite a distance and heads towards Mirabella Pass (443 m), the statio Aeclanum (*).


(*) Aeclanum is worth a visit