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Via Appia        Segment 25        from km 226,4 to km 244,2

Arpaia (Caudium) - Benevento (Beneventum)


This segment of road lies completely underneath from the SS7 - modern via Appia, but all the original ancient bridges were destroyed during the second world war.

From Arpaia to Montesarchio (ancient Caudium), this segment consists in one straight stretch of road that crosses a beautiful plateau.

After Montesarchio, we can count three bridges that spans the torrent Corvo:

- Tufara, a 40m long and 6,5m wide three-arch
  bridge (see G02 - Galliazzo n.226).

- Apollosa a 26 long and 6,1m wide three-arch
  bridge (see G02 - Galliazzo n.218).

- Corvo, a two arch bridge, each of which 7,5 m
  long (see G02 - Galliazzo n.220).

Long the road, a pontifical epitaph (*) dating back to the 17th century indicates the boundary of the territory of Benevento, enclave of the Church State in the kingdom of Naples.

Just before Benevento (Beneventum, ex Maleventum), via Appia diverts from the SS7, follows the torrent Serratella and crosses the Leproso bridge on the river Calore (see G02 - Galliazzo n.219).

Few metres before the bridge, we can see a sepulchre in concrete (*).


(*) See epitaph, concrete in glossary