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Via Appia        Segment 24        from km 213,1 to km 226,4

Santa Maria a Vico (Ad Novas) - Arpaia (Caudium)


This segment is hardly identifiable after it was modified by the SS7 - modern via Appia.

The road goes up to the Caudin pass and leaves Arienzo on the right, where we find a milestone.

We are now in the heart of the area where the Romans were seriously defeated.

In 321 BC Rome was at war with the Samnites (*) and, in the attempt of bypassing the enemy positions, the Romans tried to cross by surprise the Caudium valley, which was under the control of the Caudini (*) who were themselves allied with the Samnites. But the enemy forces and the harshness of the sites put many obstacles in their way, causing a severe defeat followed by a strict Peace Treaty.

Other two milestones are positioned long the road, near to the front door of a house in Arpaia.


(*) See Caudini, Samnites in glossary