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Via Appia        Segment 22        from km 195,4 to km 204,2

Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Capua) - Villa Galazia (Calatia)


Here comes another segment imbedded into the urban fabric of both towns.

The entrance of ancient Capua (*) is dominated by the arch of Adrian, a piece of work that was in origin a three barrel-vaults imposing monument, one of which is left today together with three bare pier.

Just further down on the left, we can see the second amphitheatre (**) after the Colosseum in terms of size, amphitheatre that is still in good conditions.

There are two important and original well-preserved sepulchre at the exit of the town:

- The one on the left, so-called "Le carceri vecchie", is a low and 22m diameter circular building , in opus incertum (**) three-storeys.

- The one on the right, so-called "La Canocchia", is a tall building with quadrangular base and a cylindrical tower on top.

Just after, the road heads directly towards Maddaloni, with signs in the surrounding plain of the road network created during the roman centuriation about II century B.C.

Villa Galazia is presumibly the site of statio Calatia, where relevant research works are currently taking place.


(*) Santa Maria Capua Vetere, ancient Capua is worth a visit.

(**) See amphitheatre, opus incertum in glossary.