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Via Appia        Segment 17        from km 168,7 to km 174,6

Masseria Santoianni (Ad pons Campanus) - Masseria Sant'Agnello (Urbanae)


As with previous segment , it is quite impossible here to identify via Appia.

According to some researchers, the Masseria Sant'Agnello corresponds to the statio Urbanae.

A 4 km stretch from Masseria Aciti (near Masseria Santoianni) to the way towards Pizzone can though be identified in the flint-stones eradicated by farming.

There certainly are milestones related to that segment, but what is most important is that this road axis was used as a base for the centuriation of the surrounding territory.

It is to be noted that the best Italian wines were produced in the Ager Falernus and that the area on the other side of via Appia that crosses Mondragone (Sinuessa) was served by an alternative route, which crosses Sessa Aurunca, and by the ancient via Latina which goes to Cales.