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Via Appia        Segment 16        from km 155,4 to km 168,7

Mondragone (Sinuessa) - Masseria Santoianni (Ad pons Campanus)


Many doubts have risen in relation to this segment and to the following, as they both cross the Ager falernus, where a large number of streams and river running throughout the centuries have altered the aspect of the territory.

A quite damaged interfarm road, starting from "Casino la Starza", leaves on the left the boundary  wall  of the cemetery  (see excavations  of via Appia); 2 km further on, nearby Masseria Ciaurro, there stands the so called "Torre del Paladino", a large square sepulchre consisting in an imposing 8 m high concrete (*) construction with a huge sepulchre cell.

This piece of work was named "Paladino" probably after the Paladins (*), whose adventures were very popular with the story-tellers in the middle ages and understandably left important marks.

A little further down, the road merges with the provincial road for Carinola, without leaving apparently any trace.

According to some researchers, the Masseria Santoianni corresponds to the statio Ad pons Campanus mentioned by poet Horace Flacco (65-8 BC) and never identified.


(*) See concrete, Paladin in glossary