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Via Appia        Segment 13        from km 108,0 to km 128,8

Fondi (Fundi) - Formia (Formiae)


Here we can see a magnificently preserved 2 km stretch of Via Appia that coasts the valley of Sant'Andrea before reaches Itri.

The via Appia crosses from door to door the centre of the city of Fondi, or ancient Fundi, that is still surrounded by a wall dating back to the III century BC. Just past Fondi a 150 m long opus reticolatum (*) wall can clearly be seen.

The SS7 - the modern via Appia - crosses 4 km further down a little road, before it goes into the orography right side of the valley of Sant'Andrea, whereas the Via Appia proceeds long the left side.

This segment is particularly interesting in terms of technical works, as it includes a 10 m high terraced wall supporting the steep point of the road and a group of buried cisterns, connected one with the other to contain massive quantity of water.

It is still possible to admire the original flint-stones, thanks to their restoration during the Bourbon age (*) and now protected by Natural Park Monti Aurunci Authority.

Passing through the ancient Itri, an aurunca (*) neighbourhood, we can see many traces of via Appia.

On the way to Formia (Formiae) there stands a mausoleum, without any headstones covering left, dating back to the I century BC and attributed to Cicero and just before the city an ancient fountain.


(*) See opus reticolatum, aurunca, age of the Bourbons in glossary