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Via Appia        Segment 11        from km 85,8 to km 90,2

Sanctuary of Feronia (Lucus Feronia) - Terracina (Tarracina)


The historical photos that are still available on this segment show a paved back straight stretch flanked by an antique aqueduct (*) with stonework pinnacles.

Just past the statio Lucus Feronia site, which coincides with the Sanctuary dedicated to goddess Feronia, the itinerary unravels through the scrambled urban growth.

On the 3 km straight stretch of road, that was the axle of the roman centuriation (**), small houses and sepulchres spread here and there spaced out by tombs in an astonishing living and dead human aggregation.

In the middle of such glorious testimony of the past, two 10x6 m mausoleums stand out magnificently despite their bare aspect.

The large number of tombs that are found before and after the city of Terracina (Tarracina) reflects the willingness of citizens to be buried long the "Regina viarum".


(*)It is possible to see the ruins of the previous roman aqueduct nearby the train station of La Fiora, 2 km in the north of the Sanctuary of Feronia, where an imposing bridge-aqueduct dating back to the
    II century AD can be admired.

(**) See centuriation in glossary