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Via Appia        Segment 9        from km 63,6 to km 75,4

Borgo Faiti (Forum Appi) - Mesa (Ad Medias)                


From Borgo Faiti (Forum Appi) to Terracina (Tarracina), via Appia was referred to as Decennovius (*), due to the 19 mile (*) (=28 km) distance between the two towns.

This segment of road, which currently lies under modern via Appia, goes in parallel with the nearby canal, so the traveller can choose whether to proceed on foot or by boat.

This roman aged canal was re-activated in the 18th century after restoration works by Pope Pio VI. This is why it is called canal Pio VI.

Along the road, a square cippus on the left raises in memory of restoration works by emperor Nerve (AD 96-98) and emperor Trajan (AD 98-117). Further down on the left, another mile cippus.

Looking very carefully, it is also possible from there on to distinguish the original pavement.

A study performed at this specific point determined that the road, supported by an embankment built with 50-60 cm side and 90-110 cm long limestone blocks, was probably 50 feet (*)(=15,8 m) wide.

Probably used as follows: road surface 4 m, side walking pavements 3 m, and the remaining for towingpath (*).


(*) See Decennovius, Roman mile, Roman foot, towingpath in glossary