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Via Appia        Segment 8        from km 57,7 to km 63,6

Tor Tre Ponti (Tripontium) - Borgo Faiti (Forum Appi)


This segment of road lies completely underneath from the SS7 - modern via Appia, but it is yet possible to admire some of the remainder historical ruins.

In front of the Church dedicated to San Paolo, built inside a wide building compound dating back to the 17th century probably over the statio Tripontium site, we can find two milestones: one dedicated to emperor Nerve (AD 96-98 ) and the other to emperor Constantine (AD 306-337).

At the km 67 of modern Appia road, two bridges stand on the visitors' way, a first 1,5 m light one on the Striscia canal and 20 m further down, another two arches bridge on the river Ninfa (see G02 - Galliazzo n.131), a 5 m light square piece of work in limestone on bossage front (**) built by emperor Trajan (AD 98-117).

Here the river flows parallel to via Appia and forms the first stretch of canal, already navigable during the Roman age as cited by poet Orazio Flacco during his trip to Brindisi.

Proceeding down, a parallelepiped shaped cippus rises in memory of the works by emperor Trajan.

The next small town we find on our way, Borgo Faiti, was probably built on the statio Forum Appi. Little is left from it, except for building pieces here crashed with ploughing works behind the Frappo rural house.

Another 4,5m light square piece of work bridge (see G02 - Galliazzo n.114) can be seen on the river Cavata whose water flows into the parallel canal.

There we arrive to the crossroads with the Setina road to Sezze(*).


(*)Sezze, the ancient Setia, is only 10km far from the axis of via Appia and is worth a visit (the arches of San Lidano (see G02 - Galliazzo n.122), the sepulchre "Torre Petrara",..)

(**) See bossage front in glossary