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Via Appia        Segment 5        from km 31,1 to km 44,4

Cagnoletto Mount (Sublanuvio) - Cisterna di Latina (Ad Sponsas)


The second straight stretch of via Appia, wich is 5° SE of the first stretch, starts from Cagnoletto Mount (Sublanuvio) and heads for 59 km towards the Rock of Leano; on clear days, the Rock is visibile to the naked eye from the Hilltop.

One of the characteristics of this part of via Appia is undeniably the large number of hydraulic reclamation and conteniment works (see points: E41006 - E41007 - F40103 - F40104 - F40203 ) that took place during the Roman age.

Traces of such works have almost completely disappeared today and left the way to the numerous streams (see points:F40202 - F40303 ) running in that area.

What makes though the scenary pleasant and enjoyable is the original path, with sometimes the paved road (see points:E41002 - E41003 - E41004 - E41201 - E41202 - E41203 - F40104 - F40204 ), that walks through the stunning countryside landscape (see points:E41005 - E41008 - F40102 - F40201 - F40205 - F40301 - F40304 - F40305 ) around Velletri.

We can see on our way the ruins of an inn and a building and the bridge over the Mele stream hardly recognizable.

The statio Ad Sponsas was located just before the crossroads at the 48th km with SS7 - modern via Appia, coming from Velletri.