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Via Appia        Segment 4        from km 23,7 to km 31,1

Ariccia (Aricia) - Cagnoletto Mount (Sublanuvio)


The old Ariccia was located in a valley of an ancient drained lake that formed on a vulcano crater, whereas the present expansion of the town was at that time its Acropolis.

There are very few ruins left of the ancient town, one of which is the southern door, so-called "Bastio del Diavolo", used presently as a roundabout, but this valley actually hosts one of the major engineering works to be found along via Appia.

In fact, this is the location of the 230 m long and 13 m high viaduct that allowed to cross the ancien southern edge of the crater. Unfortunately, the road has recently been covered with concrete to favor the local traffic and little can be perceived there of this imposing and original work.

A small street on the right leads to a private piece of land where it is still possible to "visit" this 312 BC monument, used exactly for the same purpose!

This point of the walk brings us to Genzano, where the Villa of Antonini was recently brought back to light.

Past Genzano and just before the small village of Cagnoletto Mount, which probably coincides with the statio Sublanuvio, we can see, where the road widens, the XIX (19) milestone dedicated to Emperor Nerva (AD 96-98).

Here ends the first straight stretch of 24 km from Rome (Urbe) .